This is the first trip to St. Vincents Home for the Aged. Click on the numbered thumbnail panels to scroll through the pages. Once you are finished Click Here to see the next trip.

  • Radiation protection wall
  • Church related videos and tapes strewn across the floor
  • One of the interesting features of this hospital was how they went about making addidtions. Here we have a doorway leading to the doorway for an older part. It doesn’t seem to match up just right does it?
  • Mox and Allva check out the chapel
  • The chapel seemed to have been a stand alone building but was eventually engulfed by additions
  • They built closets for each of the stained glass windows and on the doors of those closets they put fluorescent lights so that from inside the chapel it would appear that daylight still shines in.
  • A nice view of the San Antonio skyline from the roof
  • A nice view of the San Antonio skyline from the roof
  • A strange wheely chair in the basement
  • The last dark hallway before leaving
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